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6 Anime That Will Raise Your Level of Intelligence

Mystery and intelligence anime are one of the best classifications that strongly emphasize that anime is not only for children but for all people as this classification is based on adults to a large extent. And today our topic will be about anime that will raise your IQ and your analysis of issues and will benefit your life.

One Outs

We start its list with one of the best sports anime, which combined sports classification and classification One Outs

The story begins when Hiromichi Kojima cast the famous player Tokchi Toa, an anime hero and genius in baseball, as well as a professional and successful gambler. In a game called One Outs, or the only loser, Kojima insists on joining his team, which is from the second class. Let’s not notice the serious change in the team after his joining. Legendary animation, which is normal for Mad House anime, and luxurious characters, especially the hero.


Anime Kaiji, it is one of the best legendary intelligence anime, but it is blurred because of the drawing.

The events of the story begin with the hero “Ito Kaiji” who moved to work in Tokyo to search for a suitable job after graduating from high school, but due to economic conditions, he did not find a suitable job and became addicted to gambling, and after a while he fell into a plot where he had a large debt due to one of his friends. Because of the enormity of this amount, “Kaiji” was unable to pay it, so the debtor proposed two methods that would enable Kaiji to pay this debt. The first method was to pay it off in stages and in installments for 10 years, and the second method was to participate in a serious competition. Honestly, a terrible anime, especially how kaiji deals with the difficulties that it will face, and this anime will hate you in something called religion.

Zankyou no Terror

And we have the horrible anime Zankyou No Terror or Terror in Tokyo.

The story of the anime begins when an explosion occurs in a laboratory in Tokyo, and the only clue to the culprit is a video that was posted on a website. Of course, this is a brief story for the anime. Terrorism in Tokyo is a mixture of crime and intelligence, and you will experience enthusiasm with the anime, especially the confrontation between the police and terrorists, and how to solve cases and puzzles. The important thing is legendary and terrible anime, especially the ending, one of the best endings in the anime world, I advise you to watch it.

  Cod Geass

And we have anime that has not made us needy for mica anime, cod geass.

One of the stories begins after the armies of the British Empire surrounded Japan, using very sophisticated mechanisms, to control Japan and the Japanese people to lose their dignity and freedom. On the crumbs that gave him the power of gyus that imposes obedience on everyone, and here he becomes the leader of the rebels, using his new mind and strength in a confrontation with the British.

Death Note

Death Note anime is a well-known anime and one of the best anime in the world.

The story begins with Light Yagami, a high school student who found a supernatural power note called (Death Note) that the Shinigami dropped on Earth. The death note gives the person who uses it the ability to kill anyone who has previously seen him by writing his name in the note, and here comes the most famous investigator with an unknown name saying goodbye to (L), to begin the confrontation between Yagami and L. A terrible anime. Who has not seen it.

Detective Conan

And finally, the anime that is rich in the definitive definition of Conan.

One of the anime begins when Senshi Kudo goes out with his childhood friend Ran Mori to the amusement park, and a murder occurred inside the roller coaster, and it was resolved as usual with his intelligence and skill, and while they were there, Senshi Kudo spotted a black-clothed man who was blackmailing. When he wanted to verify the matter, he was beaten from the back, and then he was forced to take a drug that caused his body to shrink to become a seven-year-old boy. This amusement park accident caused the birth of the series’ hero, Conan Edogawa.

From here we got acquainted with these anime that are supposed to increase your brother’s intelligence, because when you watch them it becomes clear to you that your mind is working and scrutinizing each of the events that are presented in front of you, the important thing, I hope that the subject will impress you. Goodbye to another topic, Sayonara.


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