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After a Busy Season, Here Are the Best Anime Of 2020 Winter Season!

Do you remember the winter season? When all the anime was shown completely without delay, we were free to leave the house whenever we wanted. Let us go back a little further and review with you the top 10 anime this past winter season (from January to March 2020), where we will review the list in no specific order, and according to many opinion polls across the various platforms in which anime fans around the world and our Arab community participated.

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Release date: January 6 – March 23

Number of episodes: 12

Age rating: 13+

We all see the world in the usual way, but there are those who have the ability to look at things around them with some difference, the heroine of our story “Midori Asakusa” who loves drawing, anime and the unlimited imagination that it provides, and does not stop directing her eyes towards her own drawing book, to draw her own world Before her close friend “Sayaka Kanamori” brought her back to reality, but circumstances want them to meet “Tsubami Misuzaki”, a lover of drawing as well, and from here begins their journey towards presenting their own anime series, in a journey that is not without imagination, passion and comedy.

 Anime Haikyuu: To the Top! | Haikyuu !!: To the Top

(Season 4 of the series)

Release date: January 11 – April 4

Number of episodes: 13

Age rating: 13+

After their amazing victory over the “Shiratorizawa” Academy team, the volleyball team of the “Karasuno School” is finally able to obtain the national championship cards. Kai Tsukishima gets an invitation to the Distinguished Rookie Camp, but Shoyu Hinata remains the only one without an invitation! But without succumbing to frustration, “Hinata” infiltrates the camp of the rising players under the pretext that he is the boy in charge of the balls, using the situation to highlight his true potential, what will be waiting for him?

Anime Dorohydro | Dorohedoro

Release date: January 13 – March 30

Number of episodes: 12

Age rating: 17+ (some violent and bloody)

“In a dark world where the strong devour the weak, and death is a fleeting accident that occurs on a daily basis, in a world dominated by the upper classes by the users of magic, and who view the rest of the inhabitants of their world as mere insects and guinea pigs, and on a daily basis violent bloody experiments take place on everyone who does not have The ability to use magic, but the control of magic users does not affect everyone. We have “Cayman” that man in a form similar to a reptile, and he hunts and hunts users of magic, exploiting his immunity against their powers, as well as searching for an answer to the truth of what happened to him and a desire to return to his normal life, while He is backed by his only companion in this world and his most powerful ally, “Nikaido”, the owner of the “Hungry Insect” restaurant.

Best Anime Of 2020

Anime Id: Invaded

Release date: 6 January – 23 March

Number of episodes: 13

Age rating: 17+ (some scenes of violence)

The “Mizuhanome” system is one of the most advanced systems in the world, and the reason for this is its ability to allow humans to enter the most secret places on the surface of the earth, which is the “criminal mind”, where the “Cora” police organization undertakes the task of diving into the depths of the minds of criminals while they are absent from Awareness, linking the evidence that is found together to solve the mysteries of many crimes. But there is a condition that must be met in order for a person to enter this mysterious world, which is that you yourself have killed a person in the past! It is precisely the situation of our hero and former detective “Akihito Narihisago,” whose daughter was brutally murdered by a serial killer, and for this reason, “Akihito” sought revenge, despite being on the other side of justice, but Akihito’s skills allowed him to help solve these cases. That baffled many. “

Somali Anime and the Spirit of the Woods | Somali to Mori no Kamisama

Release date: January 10 – March 27

Number of episodes: 12

Age rating: 13+ “It is the world when it is ruled by magic spirits, Goblin beings, and other wondrous beings, while humans have reached the brink of extinction! And in the midst of all this, a golem meets a young girl of the human race, and from here begins a unique journey between a race that is about to die and a sex whose mission is to guard the forest, so that we see a close relationship like the relationship of a father with his daughter that arises between them while wandering around this magical world


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