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Death Note Anime Review

During the past year, we started together on your site “Anime Master” a new series entitled “Classic Reviews”, in which we go back to the past and dive into the most famous titles and distinctive anime that we have seen during the past years, and get acquainted with this new series about our opinion about this work and the reasons for its success, both in terms of The story, the dramatic plot, and the most important factors that distinguish it, in addition to the graphics, animation, and the rest of the elements and components of the successful anime. During the series, we dealt with much distinctive anime, the last of which was the distinctive science fiction anime Monster.

And now, with the start of a new month and a new episode of the “Classic Reviews” series, we have chosen one of the best anime for many, the highly rated and most recommended anime for others, the “Death Note! \ Death Note, which comes to us from Madhouse Studio, one of the most famous anime makers, (and you can, of course, get acquainted with this link on the best anime in this studio), we will go during this month’s episode to learn about the seventh icon and the reasons for its success, so let us now stop talking and the long introduction and let us go together to learn about our review For the seventh icon and Death Note anime.

Why is this anime special?

The plot of the dramatic story

One of the best-complicated stories that you don’t know who you’re sympathizing with! Do you take the side of the killer who seeks to get rid of the criminals who have become scattered throughout “Japan” without account or deterrence ?, Or sympathize with the investigator who seeks only to catch the killer who caused the death of criminals and a few innocent people from time to time ?, And that plot he witnessed This work is definitely its most important feature, which made it present a story that is not comic, or perhaps we can say the absurdity and childishness that has become characteristic of many anime over the past years, which made it the most nominated among many lists of anime, and that it was the production that caused the entry Many newcomers to the world of anime. Whenever someone asks about a distinctive anime that presents a plot and story that competes with the most famous “Hollywood” titles, one of them will tell you without hesitation that it is the “Death Note” anime, which has managed to maintain its place on the list of the best among the anime even after passing More than 14 years since it premiered.

The anime revolves around the young “Yagami Light” who despises the society in which he lives, because he is full of criminals and corrupt people who have polluted the whole world, and that is why when fate stands in the line of “Light” and puts in his hands the “notebook of death” that was inflicted by one of the chingami who He is called “Ryuk”, and “Light” begins to carry out his revenge against these criminals, uprooting their roots from society, by writing their names inside that notebook, but will “Light” or what began to be known to people as “Kira” to achieve his goal and create the ideal that he wishes? Of course, life is not that rosy, especially with a distinguished detective like L trying to block Kira’s actions.

Death Note Anime


Unlike the story, which is the most distinctive element in this work, anime characters also have a pivotal role in the quality of this work, as the anime did not present many characters unlike many anime, but it presented a limited number of characters while each of them had a major role in that plot and each of them helped in Completing this artistic painting, stage by cycle, the characters and the competition between them rises, so you do not know who is the most intelligent and the noblest and which of them is right, is it “Kira” and his goal is to eliminate criminals? Or is he “Detective L” and his goal is to eliminate “Kira” and rid the world of a killer who carries out his own justice? And between that mental and moral battle, we meet characters who work to enhance each aspect and develop the events of the story in a distinctive progressive way.

Drawing and Animation

I think once we mentioned that the studio that provided us with this distinguished work is the famous Madhouse studio, so there is no need to ask about the level of graphics and animation, even though the anime is from 2006 productions, but it appeared in a distinctive way, both in terms of designing the anime characters and their fiery looks during the discussion and thinking sessions, especially the look Kira is a bit scary. The same is true for animation, which was able to complete the art painting despite the absence of many action scenes and movements like most of the shonen works, but animation and photography were able to highlight the features of the anime and make us relate to it a lot.


Despite the quiet and slow-twitch that characterized most anime music, but it was enough to come to life again in your heart, and make you feel the state of the music as if you are walking on its melodies sometimes up and down, so the musician was presented in a distinctive way that made us wonder about its world and interact with it and with its heroes And “Mad House” studio was able to do its best to complement that painting that we no longer see during the past years.


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