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Demon Slayer- Kimetsu No Yaiba Anime Review

In February 2016, the first manga chapters of Kimetsu no Yaiba were released, which over the past years have been able to achieve successes chapter by chapter so that he managed to reach the top 10 bestsellers list, and it seems that this made the distinguished ufotable studio pay attention to this special work that achieved manga His rating exceeded 8.6 via the MAL website, and here ufotable studio officially announced the production of their own anime of the same name.

Indeed, during the Spring of 2019 season, the first episodes of this remarkable work were published, which made us, despite the completion of the Spring 2019 anime list that he mentioned, not only this, but we also described it as an exceptional anime, which within hours after the presentation of its first episodes was able to achieve very strong positive opinions and high ratings also through The MAL site. The situation continued throughout the 26 episodes that were more than distinctive, and of course despite its end last September, we decided that 2019 will not end without us providing you with a complete and detailed review of this distinguished work for sure. And now the time has come for us to tie the belts and embark on a quick journey full of longing to introduce you to what distinguishes Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba and makes it one of the best 2019 Anime, so let’s be our dear friends.


The anime takes place during the “Taisho” period, which is the period that lasted from 1912 and continued until 1926, and focuses on a young boy known as “Tanjiro”, who is the eldest of his sisters and is responsible for his family after the death of his father. One night, “Tanjiru” decides to go down from the top of the mountain in which they live in order to sell charcoal and buy home supplies, but during that period rumors were indicating that demons eating humans were widely spread, and he limited what he did not expect upon his return from the village.

When he returned to his home, he found that the demons had attacked his home and fed all his family members except for his sister, “Nizuko”, for she is the only survivor, but she is no longer human anymore. She has turned into one of these demons, but she slightly resisted her demonic powers against her brother “Tangirou”. Her brother is to try to save her and bring her back to humanity, and in order to fulfill this promise, he will have to join the “Demon Hunters” squad and kill the one who transforms his sister from the ground up. Will “Tanjiru” succeed in his difficult mission, this is what you will surely recognize during your watching For this special work.

Why is this anime special?

The plot of the dramatic story

Over the past years, we got a lot of anime and stories that talk about the conflict between demons and different monsters and between humans and the battles raging between them, and perhaps this anime provides one of the chapters of this conflict, but it was able to present it with its own story, which appeared better than we can imagine. Beginning with the same idea that Tanjirou presents through it, not for the sake of revenge and killing demons, as we have seen it in most ideas of revenge in other anime, but here with this work is a much louder idea, which is an attempt to restore the humanity of his sister “Nezoku” again, and they will have to cooperate together for the sake of The implementation of this dream, which is certainly difficult to achieve.

Also, the way the events were presented was completely perfect, not slow and also not fast, but it was very good, at first he introduced you to the main idea of ​​the anime, and then he started building it episode by episode by introducing you to the characters and organizations and the work of each of them and also presented to us many side events but they serve the story Mainly, the anime provided a high-caliber narrative experience, especially on playing with emotions.


The anime presented us with many and many characters, whether the main characters that focus around them the story of the anime itself or even many side characters. Despite their lack of appearance completely, they were able to relate in our minds greatly, especially the two characters who helped “Tanjiru” in the beginning of his journey in the anime. The writing of the characters themselves is also no less good than the story, and each of them appeared in its own way and splendor, which added a lot to the anime, especially the character of “Tanjiru”, the hero of the anime, and his principles that he will have to overcome in order to achieve his main goal, and even his sister “Nezuko” was not just a simple addition to the story. But he had a major role in the events of the story, specifically during the battles of “Tanjero” and also is the main reason for keeping “Tanjiru” on the right side and making his decision to avenge his family and restore his human sister again. The characters were definitely one of the features of the anime.

Drawing and Animation

Of course, this special work comes to us from the ufotable studio, which presented us with unforgettable fights during the famous Fate / Zero series, so the anime was very distinctive from the design of characters and masks to the design of the demons were terrifying and indicated the duration of their strength and the diversity of their design was very distinctive and of course the design of faces and feelings That was terrifying you from just looking at the face of “Tanjirou”, which is full of fear and terror, which he faces, and also in some situations makes you enthusiastic during the fight against demons, as the drawing was able to convey the feelings of the characters to us in a very emotional way.

In contrast to the design, the anime offers the best animation that I have ever seen in the recent period during the battles and distinct colors that made us watch a group of very distinctive battles, for example the characters and the story were able to draw and move to complete that distinctive art painting and appear in this distinctive way that we saw.


Despite the quiet and slow recklessness that characterized most anime music, but it was enough to come to life again in your heart, and make you feel the state of the music, whether joy or sadness, the musician presented in a distinctive way that made us wander in her world and draw joy and happiness in our hearts at times, and sadness And tears at other times.


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