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Does The Fan Base Affect Your Opinion About Anime? (One Piece and Attack on Titan, For Example)

There are many anime works that are released every year (except for the year 2020, which has many postponements only), but few are those that leave a glow in the sky of that industry to become a shining star in its sky, and begin to achieve popularity and a huge fan base, which of course is what brings benefit to both parties. As a viewer, you enjoy your favorite work, and the writer, animation studio, and production company reap more money and successes.

But unfortunately, the picture is not always that simple and perfect, with every success comes its tax, and in the anime world there is a tax that only the viewer can pay for! With the increase in popularity of a work to a large degree and its increased fame, voices of arrogance begin between those who consider that this work is perfect and without error and that it is the work that the planet needs and that it is better than other competing works, and then comes the opposite side that underestimates that work and whoever considers it Less than normal and that his audience exaggerates his praise and begins to list the flaws and shortcomings of this work.

One Piece

The show of the anime “One Piece” began in 1999 and continued from its time to reap popularity and form a large fanbase with which it became the best-selling manga in history and the anime series and its films have huge popularity and a high viewership, but despite this you will find a class of anime followers in general They have a negative view of the anime to a large extent, but the reason for this point of view is not so much the anime’s defects as it is the denial of another class of followers of those defects, but rather turning them into an advantage! .

But the Anime One Piece is like any other work that has what distinguishes it and what is wrong with it, among the features:

– A huge world and the tremendous ability of his author “Oda” to connect this world with each other

Creation and design of mythical characters in every sense of the word.

But there are nonetheless disadvantages such as:

So much repetition that predicting what will happen has become so normal.

Also, dear reader, there is a well-known case that appeared with the arrival of the Internet to the point that it is a basic component of our day, when we have our real ordinary life and our other digital lives, which in turn has produced a new type of followers, and in this case we can call them “the masses of property rights” and to explain this term It can be explained simply that when matters reach any lover of an artistic production to the point where he considers that work his own property, as if it is his own creation that does not accept any criticism directed at him, and sees any criticism even if it is logical to this work as a severe attack that he must mobilize his mental strength to confront Him and defend his favorite work. From here the circle begins to be completed:

We have the very popular work -> the audience that logically follows the work away from blind support or outright attack – -> the proprietary fans -> and finally the team that developed feelings of hate for this work because of the former team in that department.

Unfortunately, “One Piece” was and still is a fertile ground for those conflicts that all we gain from it is that there is a team that closes its eyes when it sees a defect in his favorite work in order to deny it, and another team opens their eyes to their power for any defect, even if it is small, to mention it! .

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

– The second case, we will find it in many works and not in a concentrated form, as is the case in “One Piece”, which is the phenomenon of overrated or overestimated works that have the term that they “took more fame than they deserve” or that there are other works that deserve that fame Instead of that work.

And recently, this phenomenon or this series started to appear a lot with the anime “Attack of the Titan” – and with it also the anime Demon Slayer later – and speaking about Attack on Titan that is awaiting the release of its final season, one of the features of that work:

It is full of mystery, excitement, and distance from many known recurrences in many anime works.

– In addition to writing a long list of extremely powerful characters.

But as well as one of the flaws: It falls into the trap of repetition sometimes and perhaps prolongation in the occurrence of something important in some of its episodes and topics.

But is it reasonable for a work to become overwhelmingly popular with millions of followers, and for it to reach its fame and popularity to Hollywood and then be said to be overestimated? It is not convincing, just as saying that it is a perfect work without flaw is not convincing as well! So we can ask a simple question to those who repeat these phrases, which is:

Are you not watching you are like you are? You see the same work, but you differ in degrees of appreciation for it? Isn’t it natural and intuitive that a work likes you more than others, and vice versa? So why do we insist on describing one work as overrated and another work underestimated? The idea is that if the “Attack of the Titans” or the “Demon Slayer” achieved popularity and reached millions around the world while you are among a few who did not like this world as much or did not like you in the first place, then this does not make the majority correct and your opinion is wrong or vice versa, but simply makes Both of you are correct, but only from your point of view and your taste, not in the absolute.


The purpose of this simple article, dear reader, is that you do not let external factors affect your experience and prevent you from seeing a work or seeing the features it contains only because one group continues to attack it to spite it in another category, or because some team glorifies and glorifies a work with love Blindly, hearing an opinion that says that an anime that has not gained more or less popularity than it deserves should not remain with you while watching, leave those opinions, theories and beliefs behind you and enjoy what this beautiful high-end industry offers in terms of varied and creative works that target most of the tendencies and desires, you do not need to deprive yourself From enjoying the production of an anime just because of the opinion of another person, nothing is distinguished from you, and his opinion cannot be considered in any way a measure and the balance of justice


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