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Dr. Stone Anime review

The TMS Entertainment studio overlooks us again after it presented us with many good anime, on top of which is definitely the most famous anime Conan and offers us a new story adapted from the manga of the same name that has achieved great popularity during the last period, which made the studio think of re-presenting it on television.

With the end of the anime events, which we got during last December, we wanted to take you on a quick journey telling you our views on this distinguished work, and why many of us among them are definitely among the best in 2019, and for this we will present to you our review of Dr.Stone anime events.

Story Line

The anime revolves around the aftermath of a disaster after several thousand years of a catastrophe that befell mankind that destroyed it frighteningly, and the story focuses on a high school student named “Aoki Taejo” who found himself lost in a world of statues and will be upon him and his science-loving friend “Senku” to They try to find a cure, bring back civilization through science, and save the world again.

Why is this anime special?

The plot of the dramatic story

Although it presents us after the end or after the outbreak of a catastrophe that led to the collapse of humans and their extinction like most of the anime released recently, but what is distinguished in this work is for sure that it presented that idea completely differently, as humans did not become extinct but rather became stone statues and can be saved either by Others, or even by their souls and their attachment to life. What is also distinguished is the conflict between the anime heroes, whether towards their opinions about the adults who caused the destruction of this world, wars, and the desire of others to start again in a better way than before, and conflicts between views that ultimately lead to distinct and exciting events.

Stone Anime review


The anime, unlike many of the recently released anime, did not present many characters, whether at the level of the main characters or even the side, but it presented a good number of characters, each of whom has a central role in the events of the story, so writing the characters themselves is no less good than the story and each of them It appeared in its own way and splendor, which added a lot to the anime, especially the character “Senku”, the anime hero, who always talks about science and his ideas towards the old and new world and his desire to save everyone, despite the refusal of others to restore the adults and the cause of wars and destruction that humanity has inflicted, and this clash between the characters and the dialogues that They took place between them and presented us with distinctive battles and good performance during the voice embodiment of those characters that I think you will not forget easily like most other anime characters.

Drawing and Animation

Anime Dr. Stone comes to us by the well-known production studio TMS Entertainment, which is the studio that provided us with many good anime before that you can learn about it through this link, and for this the studio provided us with good drawings starting from the characters and his drawing, which was very special and I liked the design of some characters and the studio’s clear interest In them, and even the cracks that exist in their bodies are evidence of the state of petrification they were suffering from before. In contrast to these drawings, anime animation was one of the important elements and was more than excellent, especially during the battles that we witnessed in the events of the anime, and even when talking about chemistry and science more, it is presented well and smoothly on the eye.


Despite the quiet and slow recklessness that characterized most anime music, it was enough to bring life back into your heart, and make you feel the state of the music, which makes us wander about its world and draw joy and happiness in our hearts at times, and enthusiasm at other times.


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