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Haikyuu Anime Review

Sports anime is one of the anime whose right has been missed over the past years, so we rarely find good work that loves us in this category, but every now and then we get one of the distinctive titles that make us want to see more and more of it without getting bored or tiring, which is what Haikyuu anime managed over its seasons All three to achieve. With the approaching date of the first episode of the fourth season, which will be shown during this month, we wanted to provide you with a quick review of this distinguished work, which finally comes in our new series “Classic Reviews” and through which we go back a lot to highlight the best anime “for me of course.” We provide reviews of them. Today came the time for the fourth icon, which is the first three distinct Haikyuu seasons, and during our review, we will learn about the details that made it one of the best sports anime for me at least.

The anime, whose first episode was released in April 2014, was able to achieve great successes, both in terms of high viewership rates or even in terms of ratings, and its first season reached 8.62 through the famous Mal website, through more than 393 thousand of the site’s visitors. Now is the time to tie the belts and embark on a quick journey full of yearning to introduce you to the three seasons of Haikyuu; So let’s, dear friends.


The anime revolves around “Shuyu Hinata”, this short boy who became a lover of volleyball after watching “The Little Giant” during a tournament, and “Hinata” decides to establish a volleyball club in his middle school, but due to the weakness of the team, they are completely crushed by the giant “Tobio Kageyama” He is one of the kings of that game in middle school, and Hinata decides to continue training until he can overcome “Kageyama”. When he moves to high school and joins the Karasuno volleyball team, he discovers that his arch-rival “Kageyama” has become one of those The band thus became a teammate. Instead of competing against each other, they will have to cooperate in order to restore the glory of the “Karasuno” School to glory again in an enthusiastic atmosphere and multiple tournaments during which we have witnessed many distinguished and memorable matches for sure.

Why is this anime special?

The plot of the story and its merging with the element of comedy

Sports business has always been based on competition between work heroes and other teams, and here the situation is not different from those works of course, but the fun here is to mix that competition with the element of comedy and also the challenge that makes you sympathize with the heroes of the work until the anime appeared in this way. The comedy envelops the anime and makes it appear in a distinctive and enjoyable way, unlike other sports that were always serious and enthusiastic. In contrast to comedy as well, the anime relied more on realism and moving away from imagination, as we have witnessed in some sports; Realism is definitely one of the features of this work that made volleyball fans attached to this anime.

Haikyuu Anime Review


Characters, then characters, and then characters are definitely one of the most important features of the anime; Despite the anime’s focus on two characters, whether “Hinata” or “Kageyama”, the volleyball game is a group game in the first place, and here the writer had to present these characters in a way that serves the story and the idea of ​​the anime as a whole, and indeed they appeared distinctly and for each character Some of them have a character of their own, whether the character of comedy and the joking towards his friends, or the nature of seriousness towards competitors, and from the first episode until the end of the third season, it will relate to many and many characters, so every character that appeared during this work has a pivotal role in the events of the anime that helped him achieve this success and development of this work Over the past seasons. All of these factors will definitely make you attached to these characters, and watch their development in the events of the anime, and this is what creates the heightened enthusiasm and drama stemming from the feelings of the characters.

Drawing and Animation

Production IG studio was able over the course of the Haikyuu anime seasons to provide us with a distinguished level in terms of graphics, which I consider in particular one of the best anime graphics that I have seen over the past long years, which makes you feel the extent of its realism, especially the volleyball stadiums where most of the anime events take place, as well as the characters’ drawings Visually distinctive and dazzling. The same is true for the animation, which was not less than the quality of the graphics and contributed to the presentation of memorable matches and appeared in an enjoyable visually mixed with realism, as mentioned above.


Although it is a sports anime and does not need to provide strong music, but the anime every season gave us distinctive and enthusiastic music to a large extent and made us become more enthusiastic with the heroes of the anime during the various matches and competitions, the music, whether heralded the beginning and end of the anime, is no less good and distinct from the music that we witnessed During the matches, you get excited, and below is one of the distinctive music clips that we watched during the second season.


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