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I am a Hero Manga Review: The Best Zombie Manga You’ll Ever Read!

The world of Japanese manga is a vast and very large world, and this is because manga itself has deviated from the borders of Japan, and art became global rather than local. We find thousands of manga that are released every few years around the world and take the Japanese style of drawing and the direction of reading, and sometimes even the language.

As a result of this diversity, we have a very long table of different varieties that we can eat whatever we want, at any time. And within those classes is the class (Apocalypse), or the end of the world. Inside it is the classification that we will talk about today, the classification of the living dead.

The idea of ​​the undead has been circulating in the film, television and gaming industries a lot, but the world of manga has not been very much highlighted in the genre. So today we’re going to talk about I am a Hero manga, which I see as the best zombie manga made at the time of writing this article. Now let’s move on to the analysis and get straight to the point!

Story Line

The manga story talks about a young man named (Hideo-kun), who is a young man who already published manga in the magazine (Weekly Strip), but stopped for reasons including that the story does not have an actual hero, and people do not like reading manga in which the hero does not develop and does not have a real character Attract them to complete events.

He is a shy, poor young man, and he does not know how to manage his life without the presence of his girlfriend (Tikko) in his life. While his life is going very slowly in his career as a manga assistant at a manga studio in which all of the colleagues are highly psychopathic, things change.

One day, a strange epidemic spreads in the city, and as a result, everyone begins to bite each other, which is bitten, turns directly into (dead-alive), to join the masses of the living dead who roam the country by surprise. How will the poor (Hideo-kun) act in this tragic atmosphere when he cannot take care of his daily affairs when life is calm, and not like the hell he lives now? This is what you’ll learn when reading this excellent manga!

Why is this manga special?

The very quiet character build

If we look at the acts of the apocalypse, especially those that involve plots related to the living dead or zombies, most of them are very hasty in terms of events. But this manga came to say to everyone: “There is another way to do this type of manga, and this method is: (calm).”

The manga relied on an extremely quiet style of building its characters, so we will not get into the actual events of the manga and the appearance of the undead until after the entire 15 chapters of the story. In these chapters, the manga tries with the utmost relevance to build the character of the hero of events (Hideo-kun), and highlights very important points in his personality on the psychological level. These points are of great importance in the future of events, which will be the first step in highlighting the dramatic escalation that will occur over time.

This quiet construction made the events move smoothly, and you do not feel bored at all, because he can close each chapter with an important or tragic event that links you to the next chapter, so you go to read directly without stopping. This is a very important point to be considered for mangaka in my view.

best zombie manga

Present a different picture of the undead

In any cinematic or televised drama, you always find the living dead just people with their viscera hanging out, walking slowly and trying to bite and eat anything uninfected in front of them. In those actions they don’t speak, they have no awareness at all, not even they can say a word or look at others and form reactions that differ from just a direct attack, right?

In this manga it’s different. The living dead here preserve the most vital moments in their lives, and those moments emerge from them in the broken words involved. Such as: “Grandson, I love you, love, mom, sorry, dad, etc.” These words give the viewer a kind of sympathy for the personality afflicted with the disease, and this changes the prevailing concept that once a person is infected, he is an entity that is not fit to sympathize with him, and suddenly you forget that a little while ago he was a person with a life just like you. Here you sympathize with the undead, yes, you kill them in the end in order to save your life, but you really feel sorry for them.


The main characteristic of the characters here is the dramatic, weighted escalation. The character you keep with is really few; Hence, you have a great opportunity to interact with them and become familiar with them over time. As a result, mangaka can create for them the past, present and future with utmost calmness and narration, until you find that the characters have become an integral part of you. And that this world is really a projected image of our real-world if it is afflicted by the same thing. The characters are realistic, and their reactions are realistic and appropriate to the past they were previously made for. The characters are really impeccable.


Also no dust for drawing. The mangaka is more interested in drawing zombies than drawing the living characters themselves. He paid more attention to the architectural details of buildings, the sky, and the general atmosphere than his personalities. Some may find this alienating, but I find it excellent. In this type of manga, the most important thing is for the reader to be immersed in the general atmosphere of the story, and the characters are of an acceptable level.


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