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Monster Anime Review

During the past year, we started together on your site “Anime Master” a new series entitled “Classic Reviews”, in which we go back to the past and dive into the most famous titles and distinctive anime that we have seen during the past years, and we learn through this new series about our opinion about this work and the reasons for its success, both in terms of The story, the dramatic plot, and the most important factors that distinguish it, in addition to the graphics, animation, and the rest of the elements and components of the successful anime.

And now, with the start of a new month and a new episode of the “Classic Reviews” series, we have chosen one of the best anime for many, which is the distinctive dark anime Monster, which comes from Madhouse, one of the most famous studios that has produced a number of the most prominent and important anime productions (and you can of course get to know those titles through This link) and we will go during this month’s episode to learn about the sixth icon and the reasons for its success, so let us now stop talking and the long introduction, and let us go together to learn about our review of the fifth icon and the anime of a monster! Monster.

Why is this anime special?

The plot of the dramatic story

The story of the anime Monster is one of the best anime stories that we have seen over the past two decades, especially as it focuses on the psychological and human side to a greater extent than it focuses on highlighting the powers and fighting abilities of the anime hero. Here is the feeling of guilt and the desire to correct the mistake that “Tenma” committed towards this person who caused harm to many people resulted in another person who is not the quiet doctor who leads a carefree life, but caused his vengeful face and his urgent desire to correct his mistake, and whenever “Tenma” approaches “Johan Liebert”, which by the way, the name of the person who saved him, “Tenma”, discovers how bad and mean The world in which “Johan” lives, which is one of the negative effects that resulted after the events of World War II and the chaos that was prevalent around the world.

Unlike the distinctive story that we witnessed during this distinguished work, it is the way the distinctive story is presented. Although it is divided into several chapters, Tenma faces different situations and people in each chapter. You may see it from afar that has nothing to do with the main line of the story and its course of events, but you discover later that each situation A chapter on “Tenma” serves the general idea of ​​the anime in an attempt to discover the world of “Johan” and get rid of it, and for this reason, the story of this anime and its main elements is one of the works that are truly distinctive for its philosophical views that reflect the human soul.

Monster Anime


Perhaps if you said about the quality of the anime story and its world that was built in the best possible way, what can I do with one of the most important and distinctive elements during the events of the anime and they are its characters who were the cornerstone of the story, starting with the side characters who were written and narrated their dialogue line during the events In the best possible way and not just overloading as many anime have done lately, but the most brilliant element are the main characters and the raging confrontation between “Tenma” and “Yohan” and each other’s view of the world they live in and during the timeline for each of them you will have to pause a little to think About the goal of each of them, who is right, and who is wrong.

Drawing and Animation

During our review of the events of the Steins; Gate anime, we mentioned that simplicity is the middle between being careless and indifferent. Affliction is material and moral fatigue and indifference is mean and bad manners, which is the opposite of the Steins; Gate anime and also reflects the Monster anime, which appeared well despite the classic character that prevailed over it But as for the design of the characters, it was actually best directed by the “Mad House” studio, which is considered one of the best studios for producing anime series, and unlike the cartoons, the animation component was not particularly effective and that the anime does not contain chases and excitement that needs to provide the best possible animation But, as I mentioned, simplicity was the main feature in graphics and animation and was able to present its main purpose, which is serving the story and presenting it in the best way.


Despite the quiet and slow-twitch that characterized most anime music, but it was enough to come to life again in your heart, and make you feel the state of the music as if you are walking on its melodies sometimes up and down, so the musician was presented in a distinctive way that made us wonder in her world and interact with him and his heroes “Mad House” studio was able to do its best to complement that painting that we no longer see during the past years.


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