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More Than Just an Anime … Here’s a review of the art icon: Hunter X Hunter!

If you are completely new to making anime, then this anime is definitely for you, dear. In the industry, there are some anime that are the first, which is the first step that any person entering the anime industry must take in one way or another. Hunter X Hunter is one of those early anime that everyone should watch.

The anime is long and fat (148 episodes in full), and the story continues in the manga, and so far it is not over yet. The anime has received amazing international reviews and you will always find it in the list (top 10) of any review site or the usual list of nominations.

The anime belongs to the most famous and beloved (shounen) classification, but in general it has reformed that classification to break out of the unbalanced supernatural forces bubble presented by (Dragon Ball), and was keen to present the balance of powers of a region, and a very distinct plot.

The story

Well, simply the story is about a world that is vastly different from ours, but it is similar in kind of geographic structure, and in the character of humans as well. In this world, there are human beings who are allowed to travel anywhere, human beings who can discover antiquities and work to protect them, or steal antiquities and work to sell them on the black market, human beings who have the excellent physical strength and wonderful mental strength, human beings who seek the word (unknown) with all their passion and being. These humans we call them (Hunters)!

Becoming a hunter in the world of this anime, this is something that is not easy at all. You must pass the very difficult and difficult hunters test, after which you will get a license. The story of the anime begins with the little boy (Gon) who wants to go to test the hunters in order to become a hunter like his father. His father, who made him his life as a fisherman, abandons his son and leaves him in the custody of his aunt on Pisces Island (his original home).

On the journey to obtain a license, he meets another boy named Kilauea, a guy named Korapika, and a guy named Liorio. The four become very friends, and the adventures of the foursome begin to obtain the Immune Hunting License, and from here begins our adventure in the world of Hunter X Hunter!

Why is this anime special?

Killua and Gon!

Away from the technical evaluation criteria, but a bit realistic. The main and important element in this anime is the bond of friendship and brotherly love that combines (Kilauea) on the one hand, and (Gon) on the other hand. (Gon) went to the Hunters’ Test, not knowing he was going to meet the other, and (Kilauea) went to the test to try something new, with no intention of making any friend on this little trip for him. But what happened is that each of them found the other, and found in him what is lacking.

(Kilauea) wanted someone to accept him as he was, accept his truth, his life, his past, and his nature. And Gon wanted a friend of his own age who could understand him and accept his stupidity and recklessness. Simply these two boys are like light and darkness. The second needs the first so that it does not reach its deepest point, and the first needs the second so that life does not shock him and hit him on the head with a hammer as a result of his excessive optimism.

That relationship is really the best thing about this anime, and I bet each of you will find the friend you wish you had in one of them.

Hunter X Hunter

Uniqueness of ideas

In the anime there are many (arc), that is, there are many different chapters in the same story. The distinguishing feature here is that every arc is darker than the one before it, in every arc the plot branches out more and contracts its threads to an enormous degree until you think for a moment that you are not in front of a light (shounen) anime at all, but you are in front of a purely melancholic action.

In these arcs you will find crazy ideas, the world of manga (togashi) himself is crazy, so the events that happen in this world are also crazy and completely unexpected.


The characters are so amazing and beautiful, which is a fact, and I am not exaggerating at all. All characters have a beginning and an end, there is no personality arbitrarily present and has no purpose or meaning that the writer wants to convey. Whether this meaning is directed directly at the viewer, each is more attracted to the story (that is, a natural part of the events), or it is projected onto a character (that is, that a character performed an action, this action affected another character, and that effect is what you are affected by consequently ).

The dramatic rise of the characters is also impeccable from my point of view, especially the dramatic rise of the quadruple hero that we started with the anime since the first episode.

Drawing and Animation

The anime is produced by the most famous studio, Mad House. The anime was distinguished by its very accurate drawing, which escalated inaccuracy more and more as the events passed and the story progressed with time. This is in contrast to other anime in which the level of drawing is low with the progression of events due to some members of the work leaving the team and so on.

The animation is also very good, and it gave us excellent fights and fights, and this appeared precisely in the final episodes of Arc (Chimera Ants), which is the last arc that concludes the anime, and after that you must go to the manga to start the arc (the lost continent).


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