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Neon Genesis Evangelion Review: a Traumatic Psychological and Philosophical Experience

There are many philosophical and psychological works in the history of the ancient anime industry, and they all share one characteristic: “presenting human battles in the form of one individual.” That is, while the anime has a strong plot, psychological conflicts are presented in it at the individual level of the characters. There are two wars: the story war, and the individual war. And the focus on the war of the individual is certainly greater.

And the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion shares the same point of view, but with a very strong and intense focus on the individual’s struggles (the hero), which makes the anime an analysis experience for the human soul more than just an experience that scratches the surface of psychological disorders, depression, sadness and loneliness.

Today, guys, we will talk about this anime for a while, and indeed I hope you see it as soon as you close this article. let’s go!


The story begins on a day completely devoid of signs of life, as a shy teenage boy (Shinji) stands on the sidewalk in the scorching rays of the sun, while he waits for someone to come to him to take him somewhere. This is the place where his father will see after many years of abandonment and ostracism, due to the father’s preoccupation with the great war projects of the state.

A young lady named (Misato) appears in front of him to drive him to where his father is, and there he knew how important the matter he was about to enter through through his analysis of the strict security measures and the fact that this strange place was underground!

Now his father confronts him with the fact that the world is being attacked by giant aliens that humans call (angels). Their strength is brutal, but humans were able to create giant machines also called (Evangelion fighters) to counter them. And he can’t just drive it to a young teenager.

The events really begin when Shinji forced one of those machines and gets to know other teenagers doing his job himself. A young, shy, and introverted boy who enters a war for survival while the future of mankind depends on his actions, so will he be the champion? Or will his soul turn into crumbs as a result of that psychological pressure? This is what you will know when you watch the anime.

Why is this anime special?

The closed loop of thoughts

Try to remember the psychological waste in your life a little with me. Yes, those moments when you are desolate and you sit down next to one of the walls of your room and think about everything bad that has passed you in your life, and every person said a bad word to you and frustrated you and told you that you will not become and will not be and will not become anything. Each bitter memory you remember with a mixture of sadness and melancholy.

These sad scenes can come in intervals, come and go, or come all at once and continue until they drive you crazy. The last type is used in this anime. When a person reaches the point of maximum loss or the point of breaking – Zero Point, he begins to create that dark, closed loop of thoughts. And using that mechanism to express emotional pain is really special and undeniable.

Symbolism and Psychology

Without going into many details that could be considered spoiling the story, I will talk somewhat superficially about projections and symbolism in the anime.

This anime as a whole deals with most of the psychological disorders known in ancient psychology (of Sigmund Freud and his colleagues). Some of them mention it in a direct way, while others can be deduced by you through the events if you focus a little on the screen and you are drawn to the details of the machines, its software, etc.

The anime also has dozens of different symbols, most of which are religious symbolism from completely different religions in origin and origin. Perhaps the most prominent symbol that caught my eye is the (Tree of Life), which was used at the beginning of the anime with an image, and at the end of the anime in another image completely (you will know what I mean when watching).


If we want to talk about the best constructive component of this anime, then definitely we should be talking about the characters, guys.

The characters demonstrate that the writer understands every little detail of his story and what level it must walk on. Each character’s reactions are logical based on the psychological structure and stage of their own, and also logical compared to the events that revolve around them.

The main characters are neatly woven, but the minor characters aren’t highlighted much. That is why at the end of the anime there were many incomprehensible details, which in order for the follower to understand it must search the Internet for a long time. But on the other hand, we have a philosophical and psychological plot of the first order, centered on the human being and his purpose in this life, and how life can impede his reaching that goal, or distort it from the ground up to another goal that does not suit him.

Drawing and Animation

The anime is produced by Gainax Studio in partnership with another studio, but most of the work is in terms of drawing, animation and everything was credited with it. The studio does not have a large footprint in the anime and manga world, as it devoted all its efforts to this anime with all its special episodes and inclusions. He nonetheless produced classics like FLCL and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

The drawing style was characterized by a very careful use of shades. Most of the scenes depend on the use of dim lighting, so a large proportion of shadows and darkness will be present in the scene, and as a result of this abundance of blackness, the scenes have become more and more lonely and miserable, so that at the end of the anime you will find that the enthusiastic scenes in which you must explode with enthusiasm, In it, you are crying and sad as the character in front of you thanks to the powerful effect of blackness.

Of course, the drawing helped this very good animation compared to the year of production (1995), as well as the genius directorial. It should also be noted that the writer and director is one person, and that is the genius Hideaki Anno.


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