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Science in Fantasy: Fullmetal Alchemist Review!

Today we will talk about a distinctive anime without a doubt, and why not, which is the number one anime in the world. It actually has the highest rating in the world on the My Anime List site, and if it drops suddenly to the second place, it quickly returns to the first. What makes this anime so special? And is his story really worth all the hype? This is what we will try to answer today.

Today, guys, we have a review of the very special anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which is a remake of an older version of the manga entitled Fullmetal Alchemist. Buckle up, we’ve got a bumpy ride today!


In this anime world, superpowers and fantasy have somewhat scientific limits. You are not producing energy out of nowhere, and energies do not come through the constant shouting and the power of eternal friendship and all that superstition. Rather, energy here has strict logical standards. You cannot get anything, except by giving up something else equal in strength and destiny, which is alchemy, mates.

Alchemy is a mythical science capable of harnessing physical and chemical substances, in order to produce raw energy. The most powerful form of that energy is the most famous energetic stone in history: the red philosopher’s stone. Here our story begins.

One day, the mother of brothers (Edward) and (Alphonse) passes away. To become lonely in life. But (Edward) did not accept that fact, and wanted to break one of the greatest laws of alchemy to bring his mother back to life: the law of resurrecting the dead. In the end, the experiment failed and (Edward) lost his foot, and (Alphonse) his body. And (Edward) managed to stick his brother’s soul in an old metal suit in exchange for disposing of one of his arms.

Now the two brothers, one in a human body, and the other in a metallic form, are trying to obtain the philosopher’s stone, which is alleged to be able to restore their lost soul and limbs, and in the middle we enter with them in a scientific-human adventure, of the most brilliant!

Why is this anime special?

Scientific background

The most prominent feature of this anime is the absolute respect for science. Usually when you produce a fantasy plot, you knock the flag off the wall, producing that dazzling fantasy. And if you mix fantasy with science, then you have what is known as science fiction. But here the term also does not apply, as alchemy is not a realistic thing that science can one day reach. So I was really confused about the classification of this anime, so I decided to invent a new classification known as Scientific Fantasy!

Fullmetal Alchemist Review

Alchemy is a very fantasy thing, but the writer also decided to introduce it in a scientific and logical context. The rule of alchemy is that you only have to have one thing when you give up on something else in the article. You can only have two by giving away one plus one. This scientific significance has a psychological effect on events. Always obtaining the power or fulfilling a certain desire comes with the loss of something important in one’s life, and this increases in clarity with every episode of the anime.


Mythology is the various myths, that is, stories invented and narrated in history with the aim of giving lessons or embodying real situations of their owners with an unknown identity. The mythology used in anime is many and has many projections, but the most famous is the Greek mythology. In particular, the myth of Icarus, flying towards the sun.

Icarus wanted to be free, he wanted to fly toward the sun. He is locked in a high tower with his father, and he wants out anyway. His father made him two wings from bird feathers and wax, but he warned him not to fly toward the sun, so that the wax would melt and fall. But he wanted freedom to the point of intoxication, so he flew toward the sun, then embraced it, and fell. This is of great significance to the two protagonists of the events, and this is what you will know while watching the anime.


Okay, so here’s a pause. The characters are mostly good, and of course the main characters’ build is excellent. But here the character that caught my eye was the girl who was in the house of worship worshiping God in order for her beloved to return to life. That girl took the biggest shock of her life when she found that the priest was just a deceitful man with no actual superpowers at all.

Just put yourself in place, and imagine the sadness and depression you will experience after losing your hope like this. And really the scene of crying and shock during the departure of (Edward) and his brother was so adorable, and it made me cry even though I rarely cry in general. Measure this with the accuracy of the representation of the human emotions of the characters over time, the construction is really excellent.

Drawing and Animation

The anime was produced by Bones Studio, in 2009. Although the year of production is a bit old, the level of drawing is really impressive. The animation was also professional, and the overall drawing was comfortable on the eye.


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