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Steins Gate Anime Review

Today guys, we’re going to talk about an anime that used black holes in its plot, Steins Gate. The anime was distinguished by its sober scientific base, with some science fiction in the middle. Therefore, in general, the anime is characterized by painful realism based on scientific facts that have been used to highlight the plot in one way or another.

It is worth noting that this is a review of the first season of the anime, while the second season bears the name Steins Gate Zero, and it has a review that we will definitely present in the future.


One day, Okabe Rintaro reads a story saying that a time travel mechanism has been discovered, and it will be discussed in a few days at the famous Radio Building in the capital (Tokyo). (Okabe) Actually, he is a young man who always tends to the scientific side in everything, but in reality, he does not know about science what qualifies him to call himself a (crazy scientist). But he does it anyway.

The hero goes to the radio building, finds the topic hopeless, and decides to leave the building. But during his departure he finds the body of a girl covered in blood in one of the side rooms. He grabbed himself as much as possible and went out terrified, to send a message to his friend to tell him what had happened. But suddenly the world begins to revolve around him, and the head pain is beaten and tortured to the extent that he is unable to move.

After all that, he finds himself returning in time to the period before the accident, and here our mad scientist tries to save the life of the girl (Maxi Chris) from death. Will he be able? Or will the conspiracies of parallel worlds have a different opinion? This is what you will know when watching this excellent and very popular sci-fi anime!

Why is this anime special?

Correct science!

In fact, the most prominent feature of this anime is that its details are woven with a great deal of accuracy, professionalism, and scientific honesty. Placing a (scientific) rating in this anime did not darken it at all. The anime makers intentionally presented an integrated scientific plot. The scientific theories used in anime are really true, and their imaginative application in events is theoretically permissible but has not yet been scientifically proven.

Many theories are mentioned in the anime, such as string theory, parallel worlds, relativity, Hawking radiation, and dozens of other sober scientific theories. This makes this anime a hearty meal for anyone who loves physics and wants to see its crazy applications in a very interesting and interesting fantasy plot.

Not neglecting the realistic implications

Usually, when the scientific element is included in the artwork, the focus is on it, so its influence on the plot, the characters, and all those things that give the artistic plot its dramatic value is neglected. Scientific work-makers try to focus on science and highlight the technology that it introduced to the world, but this anime does not follow the same approach at all.

The anime presented the realistic and logical implications of the tampering with time. It does not end with a pink reality and a happy ending, it must end with sadness, suffering, misery and heartbreak as much as it can. Therefore, the anime presented a scientific-realistic plot that is rarely seen in the anime industry, which has recently become interested in producing meaningless works and exaggerating its graphic quality in order to attract the audience and raise sales.

Steins Gate Anime Review

The anime is deceiving

At the beginning of the anime, it is almost criminalized that this plot will be very disturbing and bad to the maximum, but as the episodes pass, you discover that you are completely wrong and that you will have left a work of the best science fiction works in the history of this ancient industry. The trick I’m talking about is the slightly long introduction. It took the writer a long time to weave his characters well, and to lay the ground in an appropriate way to support the development of the plot in the future. This may make some viewers turn up with slowness and boredom, but the climax of the plot indicates that this long premise was an essential and never indispensable thing.


In fact, making the characters was quite brilliant. There is no useless character, every detail and every reaction of every character has a momentary or future goal that will appear later in the events. What is distinctive about this anime is different. You will find that all points of view are present, and even supported by logical reasons and positions that prove the correctness of her statement. Until you find yourself very confused, do you follow that character and its belief in life? Or this character and its belief in life?

In my view, the best character in terms of writing is Mayuri. That very pure and kind character, who loves (Okapi) unconditionally, as well as senses everything that is happening around her, but does not punish him for fear of hurting others with this reaction. Simply, it is a personality that represents the human being in us, the human being that life gradually began to destroy.

Drawing and Animation

The anime was produced by White Fox studio who did really good industry works like Akame ga Kill! And Re: Zero, Katanagatari, and Goblin Slayer. The anime is based on Visual Novel or a visual novel (video game) dedicated to all different gaming platforms such as PS and PC.

Anime drawing was characterized by very careful attention to the eyes, but nevertheless it preserved a kind of blur or blurriness in the general character of the drawing, so it did not make the drawing sharp until it exhausts the eye in vision, but the overall drawing was characterized by a smoothness that gave great comfort to the eye.


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