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The Most Luxurious and Terrifying Characters in the Anime World

Like Otaku sometimes we admire an anime and we follow it with passion and enthusiasm only for the presence of a terrible character, with every appearance of it shivering us forever, in some anime one character can turn an anime 180 degrees and raise the level of the anime from normal to legendary, our topic today will deal with the most luxurious characters In the anime world.

 Uchiha Itachi

Itachi Uchiha: When intelligence meets strength and mystery. He sacrificed everything to protect his brother and his village (Konoha). In the beginning of the Naruto anime, he was one of the most hated characters in the anime, but after we knew his full story, he became the symbol of sacrifice and one of the most terrible and beloved characters in the anime world, and Itachi is considered one of the most attractive characters to watch Naruto.

Levi ackerman

Fresh and alone is capable of making his enemies shiver with fear, a character distinguished by calm and speed in making difficult decisions, the most powerful soldier in mankind, and head of the elite squad in the reconnaissance corps. Levi is a popular character because all the qualities of luxury are present in him, and I am excited about the last part of the anime to see his creativity more, but the manga followers say that I see another opinion.

hisoka morow

Hasuka is a very mysterious person and a few words, fluent in the use of the method of the Rin, which enables him to use playing cards as a weapon to kill his opponents, personally, he reminds me of the character of the Joker from a harmful cooking movie, who we do not know much about and about his past when his behavior is difficult to predict, a strong personality and a fighting freak, applies He has the title of cold-blooded killer. He does not care if he kills someone for the sake of wanting to fight him to confirm that he is the strongest.

shanks roux

Shanks is a good and intelligent person who loves to have fun, but at the time of his seriousness he does not joke, he only appeared in a few clips in the anime, but with every appearance of him increases our admiration and love for this character, one of the most prominent interventions to stop the war of the Marine Ford and with the admirals and Teach Kano are present until everyone He obeyed his orders. Shanks is a terrible personality, and I hope in the future we will see a fight in which he shows all his strength.

Seijūrō Akashi

Kashi is one of the generation of miracles and terrorizing a character in the anime Kuroko no basket, I like his calmness and increased self-confidence I mean by the increased confidence that he is proud of himself that his word is divorced, and he has not and will not be defeated in matches at all, in addition to that, his voice performer has a luxurious tone and This is what made him an integrated personality in all respects.

 uchiha madara

The legend Madara, of course, Madara is considered to me the most luxurious character in Naruto, it is enough to mention the name Uchiha Madara to instill fear in the hearts of all shinobi, due to my majestic presence and great strength that we saw in the Fourth Ninja War, when the entire Shinobi army, including the Five Kage, was confronted frankly with a legendary character Even the writer himself does not know how to end his life.


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