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The Promised Neverland Season 1 Review: Fake Reality and an Unknown Future!

Recently, many strong anime works have been released, which proved that 2019 is a very promising year compared to past years and seasons, but only one anime remains on the throne of all these works until the time of writing these words. That is, The Promised Neverland, or the promised Neverland.

I was one of the lucky ones who started the manga of that anime a very long time ago, and I follow it chapter by chapter, and the anime really wins. Today guys we will talk about the very promising anime for this year, fasten the belts well, we have a special plot here, gentlemen!

The story

The story talks about a group of children who lead a carefree life in an orphanage, and are cared for by a pure woman who draws a smile on her face, and all the children call her “Mama”. And that mama in the story is called Isabella. Do not leave them except while they are completely complete, including food, drink, clothing, mental health and everything. It also teaches them all the different sciences, and takes daily examinations for them to ensure their high IQ, and ensures their comfort whenever they stay up late.

But good times do not last forever. When one of the children’s birthday arrives, a caring family comes to take the child to live with, and then the others say goodbye to him with a mixture of joy and sadness because of longing. But in reality, this caring family is nothing but ferocious monsters that eat these children, and (Isabella) herself delivers them to her!

Now three children from the shelter are discovering that tragic reality, and they plan to escape despite everything. Will their attempts succeed? This is what you will know when watching the anime!

Why is this anime special?

Unconventional directing style

In fact, there are many, many very good elements in this anime, but the thing that caught my eye a lot was the directing style. Instead of the director adopting the natural directing style of any war for survival anime (which is an intense hit-and-run style and wide scenes such as Attack on Titan), he decided to follow the style of horror films to convey the psychological fear of the characters, and he really succeeded.

The anime followed the horror style in presenting the scenes, as the music served the slow movement of events and with it the camera angles very close to the faces, all of that made the terrifying mixture loved by all of us.

Focus on psychological conflict

The anime provided a heavy meal of psychological struggles. Although in that segment of the works the focus is on the general struggle to strengthen the plot, the writer intended to strengthen it by focusing on highlighting the characters’ reactions to what is happening on the one hand, and on the actions of each other on the other hand.

And that return was really wonderful, as it put me in a state of complete integration with the minds of the characters and their way of thinking, so he made me study and analyze the situation like them, and try to anticipate their next moves, and this is a point that is counted in favor of the suspense element, which the writer excelled in providing indirectly.

Anime is short (only 12 episodes)!

Yes, that included him in the elements of exclusivity because it contributed very much in making this anime straight and pointed towards the goal. The small number of episodes was appropriate to the nature of the plot, which basically depends on the slow pace of events to convey the psychological message of loss and dispersion, so if the anime was long (24 episodes or more), that slowness would be noticeable and the viewers began to leave the anime gradually. But this shortness made fans very prepared for Season 2 already!


Here I cannot say that there are main characters and minor characters, in fact here are all main characters. The plot as a whole revolves around children with a relatively high age who have gradually realized the tragic situation, so the rest of the children can never be considered as secondary characters, because they do not appear in the background of events to as simple water trickling in a scene of horses folding the earth. Their presence is like his absence in relation to the plot, so they do not play the role of the secondary character because it basically has a simple role, but these have no role in the first place except to be tried by the heroes of the story who have been highlighted in the public scene.

So the interest in writing the characters was excellent from my point of view, each character has a background and motivations, and their actions match their backgrounds, so you do not find arbitrary actions that make you wonder: “Why in the hell did they do this?” And that good character writing made me cling to it, and in particular (Norman), whose role is very strong in events.

Drawing and Animation

The anime is produced by CloverWorks studio that has produced many good works in the recent period, such as Darling in the FranXX and Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai.

The drawing was distinguished by its flatness and simplicity, and that flatness made the general atmosphere very velvety in reality and very comfortable on the eye. Instead of being full of sharpness in detail, no, the drawing was very smooth. It should also be noted that the studio excelled in drawing vast landscapes, especially in the last episodes.

Besides the stirring was very good, I have no feedback on it.


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