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Top 10 Anime Characters in Attack On Titan

Attack on the Titans anime since its inception in 2013 has attracted the attention of many due to the element of mystery and unexpected surprises in addition to the level of animation, music and voice performance is peerless, but there is another element that was undoubtedly one of the pillars of the success of this work and contributed greatly to the formation of its overwhelming popularity so far and we are on the threshold Its latest season is expected to be released during the last quarter of this year. Here we are talking about the characters of Attack on Titan anime.

Few works that have succeeded in presenting more than one strong character at the level of writing and have great popularity with followers, it is difficult to ask an anime viewer about his favorite character and find consensus on one character, and if you ask to know the list of favorite characters in the anime Attack on Titan, you will definitely find a list Dramatically different in terms of characters and arrangement between each viewer and the other, but today we will present to you our list of the 10 best characters in the anime Attack on Titan

10 – Sasha Braus

The Potato Girl who was given a nice comic character in the atmosphere of the wretched attack of the dark giants anime, it is difficult to forget the strong appearance of “Sasha” and how she caused us to laugh more than once, but behind this comedic aspect she is distinguished by courage and strength in many situations that made her character a wonderful mixture And unique from the rest of the anime characters.

9 Kenny Ackerman

Although he appeared little during the events of the third season of Attack on Titan, “Kenny” was able to reserve his own place in the list of the best because of the different complexity and depth presented by that character. You cannot classify him with the side of good or evil, but he is only a person who coexisted in his own way with Conditions of the world around him so that he survives for as long as possible.

8 – Hange Zoë

It can be placed in the same frame as “Sasha” as “Hanji” who presented a light comedic character as soon as she appeared in the anime Attack on Titan, but it differs in the aspect of leadership in which it was distinguished by its ability to think quickly and observe and the intelligence that contributed to tipping the scales in their battles for survival, so the ability On combining the crazy comedic side and assertive leadership was a great combination.

7 – Jean Kirstein

Perhaps he is one of the most advanced characters in the anime especially during the events of the first season, and given him now and his role in the events, you will be surprised that this is “Jean” who appeared in the first episodes of the first season of Attack on Titan, along with the comedy component as well as his always heated disagreements with “Irene” And also his leadership role at times has enabled his character to remain among the best so far.

Anime Characters in Attack On Titan

6 – Levi Ackerman

The most powerful weapon of mankind, the super soldier, short in stature, all of them are titles that belong to “Levi” and he is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the anime Attack on Titan, perhaps one of the most popular in the anime in general, but “Levi” is not only a powerful weapon or an actual super soldier Despite his coldness and freezing in feelings, he nevertheless fails to hide his humanity in many situations, which makes them very strong moments as they come from a person like him.

5 – Mikasa Ackerman

It is not an exaggeration when we say that “Mikasa” is one of the most popular female characters at the level of anime in general and not only Attack on Titan. Often times, in addition to her strength, extreme skill and overwhelming charisma in her presence and her ability to lead as well, “Mikasa” is a mixture of idealism in many aspects.

4 – Armin Arlert

If “Jean” is one of the most advanced characters in the Attack on Titan anime, we can consider Armin to be the most advanced at all. Those who watched the first episode of the anime and the second part of the third season might think that he looks at two completely different characters, taking advantage of his sharp intelligence and his ability to manage the battle In addition to the skillful dose of courage he got with the progress in the anime episodes, it can be said with confidence that “Armin” is one of the best characters in Attack On Titan at the level of writing.

3 – Reiner Braun

Perhaps one of the most complex characters at the level of writing in general, “Rainer Brown” deserves a special article about him only because of the depth and complexity of that character rarely seen in the anime world in general, and with him the writer “Hajime Isayama” was able to dive into the depths of the human psyche wonderfully And if I am going to talk more than this, I have entered aspects of burning events, so I will remain silent.

2 – Eren Yeager

Often the protagonist of the story is the person who is the most idealistic or at least the most sought after, but here “Irene” was far from her completely and with full awareness of him, in Attack of the Titans Irene can be considered as our official representative in this gloomy world. Many of us may act like him and more if He was in his place, angry, reckless, always pushing revenge forward, and it might come up to him to do some actions that make him appear in a way far from the title role, but all this distinguished Irene and made him a different hero for a story worth different.

1 – Erwin Smith

“Give your hearts” and other enthusiastic sentences and speeches that “Irwin” gave to his soldiers, no matter how much those speeches carried in reality and also, but they were certainly full of enthusiasm that made you as a viewer wishing to fight and follow Irwin’s leadership, but far from the enthusiastic speeches I said before and I will say it again “Irwin Smith “may be the best written character at the level of anime in general, that man who lived a bitter internal struggle, selfish, liar, brave, loyal, all the contradictory qualities that this man collected enabled him to top a list that contains very strong characters in writing, but from the point of view Our humble gaze was the most distinctive of them all.


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