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Top 5 Anime From the Famous Lerche Studio!

Despite the enormity of the anime industry, this industry did not provide us with only a few studios that were able to make a special impression on the fans of this distinctive world, but each one of them managed to leave its own mark and present us with a group of anime that is not forgotten at all. And this time, we will go on a quick tour to one of those distinctive studios that has a great deal of producing many good anime that quickly became popular and was one of the reasons for its popularity. He even presented us with one of the distinguished works that we have listed for you in the “Classic Reviews Series”, which you can Read it via this link.

Now let’s fasten the belts and prepare well to go on a tour to find out the 5 most prominent anime presented to us by Lerche Studio, and if you have never had the opportunity to watch one of these anime, we advise you to watch it immediately, as all of them are worth watching inevitably if you consider yourself a fan of the anime world.

Assassination Classroom

One of the few works that I was deeply affected by and wanted to be a teacher, even for a few days, during which I tried to implement the “Koro sensei” approach, which was able during this work to prove his theory that failure is just an argument for lazy people who do not have the motives for success and that they always need someone who ignites the spirit of challenge and success within them, This work was able to quickly stand out to rank itself among the best shonen titles, and even got high ratings of more than 8.21 on the global anime rating site MAL.

Its anime story revolves one night, when a yellow-colored supernatural being manages to smash the moon and descend to Earth and without all the country, this mysterious object, which moves at a speed of 20 Mach per second, decides to go to Japan, specifically through a school, to announce its demands to the whole world, which is teaching one The classes in that school and that the members of this class of students must try to destroy him and assassinate him before the end of the school year, otherwise this yellow person, who was later known as “Kuru Sensei”, will completely destroy the earth. Over the course of the school year, Kuru Sensei tries Taming his students and making them the best students in that school after they knew and were all described as the separation of failure, and at the same time the Japanese government, accompanied by students, is trying to find different ways in order to kill “Kuru Sensei” and eliminate him before the end of the school year and implement his promise to destroy the earth, so who will succeed at the end of that Featured story?

Asobi Asobase: Workshop Of Fun

Unlike the rest of the Lerche studio, which is always characterized by action and excitement, and a little shonen and fantasy, but the Asobi Asobase, which will be available during the 2018 summer season, depends entirely on the school life full of comedic situations, which is definitely one of the factors of anime success in addition to the story plot that was characterized Sometimes with comic and at other times with seriousness and sadness, despite the short age of the anime, which only has 12 episodes, it was able to quickly attract many to it and achieve great successes inside and outside Japan, especially at the level of ratings that reached 8.21 through the famous MAL website.

The anime revolves around “Hanako”, a fun girl who always wants to play with her new friend, “Olivia”, the new foreign student at school, which bothered “Kasuki” who used to hate games because of her sister’s harassment of her, but with the passage of time, “Kasuki” participates. Both “Hanako” and “Olivia” the fun and start their own club and continue playing and running into school and life situations in a comic full of fun and banter.

Astra Lost in Space

The events of the anime take place in the future, specifically in 2061, where space travel has become a simple matter and everyone can go to it, even school students can travel to space camps, and the anime focuses on group B5, which when approaching the expected camp location appeared a UFO that was thrown at a strange place 5012 years away Light from their home planet, here students will have to stay strong and manage their limited resources as best as possible in order to survive that perilous journey and try to return to their homeland.

The anime was available during the summer season of 2019 and was surprisingly and unexpectedly able to achieve a good performance due to its good story with more than wonderful performance for the anime heroes and also the distinguished level in which it appeared in terms of strong graphics, whether characters or even filming outer space, and we also do not forget the music The distinctiveness and all these elements were one of the reasons for the success of this work, which passed its rating of 8.22 by the famous MAL website.

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

June 2014 was the appearance of the first manga chapters Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, which is known in Japanese as Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. Over the past six years, the manga managed to achieve great successes and high ratings until it reached 8.46 through the famous MAL site, which made the studio Wishing to convert this work into an anime series, which was already available during the winter season 2020 and was able to stand out significantly among the many good anime that were released during this season, so that we have included it in the list of the best anime of the winter season 2020, which you can read and learn through this Link.

According to one of the modern Japanese myths, the famous story of “Hanako-san”, which tells about the ghost of a young girl who lives in school bathrooms and chases her students, “Kamumi” Academy has its own version of the myth! Rumors claim that if a person succeeds in summoning “Hanako-san” She will fulfill any wish he wants, but when “Yeni Yashiro” gathered that girl who hopes to improve her luck from romance and finally gather her courage to summon her, she discovers to her surprise that the aforementioned ghost is in fact a boy and not a girl! A world of paranormal and strange situations.


It is considered one of the best musical anime that has appeared on the scene during the past years, whether in terms of the story of the anime, which provided us with a fun and experience that we do not easily forget that almost competes with the most famous musical works presented to us by “Hollywood”. Interested and admired by many, its rating exceeded 8.2 on the popular MAL website. The story centers around the youth band headed by “Ritsuka”, the main guitarist in the team, who despite his great love for the instrument, but with time lost interest in it and perhaps his entire artistic career, until one day he met “Mafuyu” while carrying his broken guitar and trying hard to fix it, and while Ritsuka begins to help him, he spontaneously finds himself teaching the new boy how to play, influenced by his passion, but when he hears Mafuyu’s melodious voice, everything will start to change


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Top 5 Anime From the Famous Lerche Studio!

Despite the enormity of the anime industry, this industry did not provide us with only a few studios that were able to...

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