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TOP 5 Classic Anime You Must Watch In 2020!

Mostly, the reader of these lines has watched many and many anime series and movies, and I am sure that many of you have seen works such as Dragon Ball z, Naruto, Attack of Labor, Demon Slayer, and other famous works, and perhaps others, which have not gained enough fame. But what about others? What can be described as the classics? Those series and films that the generation of the 1990s and 1980s grew up on, some of whom may now be the parents of a new generation of otaku.

So, let’s go back in time a little to talk and dive into the depths of the beautiful past with a list of five anime that your library should not be without of them, we will review them in no particular order during the next few lines.

The Fun Thief Lupine III! | Lupine III: Cagliostro no Shiro

Production in 1979

The film was co-written and directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, but it is not a film from Studio Ghibli, rather it is the first film of the great Japanese director to direct the helm, and the film is produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and is based on the famous manga Lupin the Third written and drawn by the late Kazuhiko Katō. Lupine III: Cagliostro no Shiro is one of the most important and influential anime films and a real breakthrough for Hayao Miyazaki, and his story can be summarized as follows:

The famous thief, “Arsene Lupine III”, discovers that the outcome of his recent robbery is nothing but “goat bells”, but it is rare and very important goat bells. The only problem is that the copy he stole was fake in a nearly perfect way to the degree that it is difficult for anyone. The last note is the difference between it and the original version, and on his journey to discover the secret behind this forgery, in cooperation with his friend Daisuke Jigen, they rescue a girl from a violent pursuit, only to discover that she is Clarisse d ‘Cagliostro, daughter of the late Duke d’ Cagliostro and was trying to escape from an attempt to force her to marry to control a treasure Her family was set up by Count Cagliostro, but to complete their journey they must visit Cagliostro Castle himself, with which the real movie adventure begins.

 Sword of fire ! | Hokuto no Ken

“Fist of the North Star” or as we know it in our Arab region, the Fire Sword, which began its show in 1984, continues throughout 109 episodes, and the owner of the meme is known for the saying “You are already dead.” The monotony and restrictions on the anime industry and presented violent combat action at times “perhaps most of the time” to be a prelude to a new era of anime that will open its doors to “Dragon Ball” later. As for the summary of the anime story, it is:

In an unspecified future year and after he was betrayed and left on the verge of death lying on the road, the brave “Kenshirou” begins his journey around the world beyond the end, searching for his archenemy “Shin Shin” who kidnapped his girlfriend, and during his journey our hero exploits his fighting skills He has to defend and protect the weak, but with the passage of time his reputation becomes more powerful and stronger enemies begin to pursue him, and from here, “Kenshiro” begins a difficult journey to retrieve the loved one and face the severe difficulties on his way.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

The movie Nausicaa Princess of Wind Valley is the real beginning of Studio Ghibli and perhaps “Hiao Miyazaki” – one of its founders and most important directors – as well as towards the top of the anime industry in Japan and abroad, and although the film is now not mentioned much because there are more famous titles than Studio Ghibli, but in At the time of its presentation in 1984, it represented a shift in the world of animation, and it also contained an important message of what humans do in terms of destroying the environment around him, as well as showing women in an appropriate and strong way, unlike the usual then for an innocent girl to be miserable and only the hero can save her. To talk about the story, it can be summarized during the next lines:

A thousand years have passed since the end of the great nuclear war, which was known as the Seven Days of Fire, which caused the destruction of almost all aspects of life on the surface of the earth, and the rest of mankind seeks to survive in the face of the huge forest that arose as a response from the earth to what humanity caused, this The forest emits toxins and exits the predatory monsters, and with each passing day the length of that forest increases until it is about to swallow up what remains of people. But far from the poisons of that forest, a quiet kingdom arose on the shores of the sea known as the Kingdom of the Valley of the Winds, and one day the princess of that beautiful kingdom, “Nausica”, finds herself in front of great danger to the Tolmekian kingdom’s desire to obtain a dangerous weapon in the Kingdom of the Valley of the Wind, and here Nausica seeks To prevent this from happening, as it will cause a new war and this time there is no hope for humans to survive it.

Classic Anime You Must Watch

Sailor Moon

Anime Sailor Moon is one of the important classics in the anime world, despite being the newest in our list (it started showing in 1992), but its importance and the time of its presentation had a great impact on the anime world after that, as it is directed mainly to girls and women and its formation of the idea of ​​(gentle transformation) of the characters Far from violent and bloody, however, you will find a whole generation of girls and boys as well that have Sailor Moon in a special place in their heart.

The girl “Usagi Tsukino” is a high school student who constantly complains and cries and often gets low marks on exams, but she did not realize that her life is about to change when she saves a cat on her forehead. There is a moon-like sign in the crescent phase, only to discover that her rescue of that cat Luna It was not a coincidence. Usagi knows that she is destined to become the heroine, Sailor Moon, and her mission is to protect Earth from imminent devastation by using her acquired abilities to transform.


When you talk about works that have contributed to changing the face of the film industry and anime alike, it is necessary to mention Akira, the film that revolutionized the world of animation, color, and even science fiction films at the time of its release in 1988, despite being criticized at the beginning of its release. One of the stars and symbols of Hollywood as not commensurate with the Western character, but the film is now, according to the testimony of those who previously criticized it, is one of the most important films in the history of the industry and contributed and left a great impact on the science fiction films that came after it worldwide.

“In 1988 there is a huge explosion caused by a boy with supernatural psychological powers, this explosion caused the outbreak of the Third World War, and this is why this boy is arrested and any trace of him is hidden after that, now is the year 2019 with a new face of the world dominated by gangs and terrorism against the governments of the world And the leader of one of those small gangs is Shoutarou Kaneda, whose friend, Tetsuo Shima, is exposed to a strange accident after which he begins to possess superpowers, and these powers are sought by the government to restrain them before the world falls to its knees again.

Since the classic works are endless, and Japan and the anime industry have presented many works that permanently changed the face of the animation and drawing industry and will continue to change it with the passage of days, this list is the first part of what is to come, wait for us in the coming parts we will deal with a lot of old works Which deserves to be in your library of anime works.


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