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Vinland Saga Anime Review

There are many anime works that are released every year, but not that many works that remain present for a long time after completing watching them, and you keep thinking a lot about what you watched and your admiration and appreciation for the work increases day after day, and here the Vinland Saga managed to achieve that equation, and on Although it is not a perfect anime without flaws, it undoubtedly managed to provide enough to be forgiven for its minor mistakes.

How do you intend to live your life? Simple question, but the anime built its basic philosophy on it. In the next lines, we will live together in the anime (Vinland Saga) and what distinguished it in a strong year of releases.

The story:

The story of the anime (Vinland Saga) takes place during the first millennium AD, when Europe lived in a state of war and continuous conflicts, and in the meantime (Thorvin) lives with his simple family on the island of (Iceland), far from the edge of the sword, but the winds come what ships do not desire ; After an unfortunate accident, Thorvin’s life changes after he was an innocent child dazzled by his father’s dream of searching for an island (Vineland) full of greenery and far from the fangs and claws of kings and warlords, so that this boy turns into a bloodthirsty monster, even if it is the blood of one person.

During our trip throughout 24 episodes, we will learn about real facts and events that occurred in what may be the worst in the history of Europe, through the desire of the Vikings warriors, specifically the country of (Denmark) to extend its control over the continent, and here the story of (Thorvin) and other characters that formed the point of strength intertwine. Main anime (Vinland Saga).

Why do you need to watch Vinland Saga?


The Vinland Saga anime deals with a historical period that may be somewhat unknown to us. Who among us has heard about (Denmark) and its armies and its control over (Europe) and its war with (England)? I think few people have read about that era, and we will see during the narration of those events a great similarity between what happened more than a thousand years ago and what is happening now to answer you that humans have not changed much and the effect of weapons and the desire to control are still the same, even if the methods differ.

In the midst of battles, wars, politics and struggles over governance, we see and hear simple and small stories, some of which represent a light that creeps through that darkness, and some of which have added to this darkness.

How do you intend to live your life?

Although the anime story and its events on its face focus on wars, the struggle of kings and their politics, in reality the main story philosophy is in your plan to live your life and what is the imprint you want to leave after your departure, and how you will strive to achieve this dream, and this is evident in many anime characters every Some of them have their own struggle and their constant search, even if they do not realize this, but everyone was searching for himself, and only a few of them reached his goal.

The anime has excelled in presenting this beautiful idea and creating a wonderful variety and small stories that did not take only a few minutes to display on the screen, but it had a great impact on the level of thinking and contemplation of what dreams and searches for these characters.

Respect the viewer’s mind!

Anime (Vinland Saga) mainly deals with a period and a real period of time, it is true that the writer used his imagination to add some stories and events that serve his main story, but in the original the anime and his story are far from supernatural powers, magic and imagination, which was respected throughout the events of the anime in its twenty-four episodes You will not find illogical things happen, and you will notice the strong respect for the balance of power that was established from the beginning, so even if one of the parties to the fight is our hero or a central figure at work, this does not mean that his victory is guaranteed as long as the opponent is stronger and has the experience and trick that makes him outperform The main character, even if the opposite happened, finds the clear and logical explanation for this sudden transformation.

Simply (Vinland Saga) succeeded in achieving the equation of realism while preserving the atmosphere of the well-known and beloved anime, especially during the various fights and battles.


In fact, if we want to talk about the characters of the anime (Vinland Saga), it suffices to talk about (Escalade)! It would not be an exaggeration when we say that this man will easily guarantee a place in your list of the 10 most distinctive characters in the anime over the past years, that complex character, between sincerity, courage, malice and deception, friendship and hostility, cruelty and mercy! It is difficult to define your feelings for him, but you will not be able to prevent yourself from respecting his philosophy, his intelligence, his acumen, and his ability to use his mind and words to emerge from many critical situations victorious without the need to remove his sword from his sheath.

But despite the overwhelming charisma that (Escalade) enjoyed and made him the second hero of the story, we cannot overlook the other characters, whose writing was mastered and each of them served his position in the story and the course of events to the degree that it is difficult for you as a viewer to refer to a weak character or who was present to block a field only, You will even find yourself remembering even the sub-characters that appear from time to time.

Drawing and Animation

To talk about drawing and animation, only one word is enough (Wit Studios), which is the studio known for its work on the (Attack on Titan) anime, which gives you a simple glimpse of what awaits you in the anime (Vinland Saga).

The anime was distinguished in its first season with a wonderful level of graphics, especially at the level of combat, in which you notice that the studio put a great effort in moving every moment and adding enthusiasm and fun in those wonderful moments, as well as in embodying the features of anger, malice and other things that contributed to inserting you into this world and the minds of its characters Even if some moments witnessed a decline in the level, it did not affect in any way the quality of the final work.


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