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What is The Reason For The Scarcity of Political Anime?

Political matters are not a welcome topic in anime. Nevertheless, some works have covered the sleeves of the theme, as in Mr. Mamoru Oshi’s monologues in Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, and Jin-Roh. Mr. Katsuhiro Otomo also has an absurdity of Haggai (1) through Roujin Z and Memories: Stink Bomb. Also with the softly hidden historical political symbolism of Mr. Chu Aikawa in Fullmetal Alchemist and Angel Cop.

But purely political anime? I can only think of the OVA from the Sanctuary manga by Mr. Ryuichi Ikigami and Shu Fumimura in 1996, which was about two Japanese youths from surviving the Cambodian death fields, making an agreement stating that they will race to the top of Japanese government power, one taking the yakuza path and the other as a politician. As usual, Mr. Ikigami was very dark and difficult to compliment in a number of aspects.

In any case, the repulsion of anime that adopts political issues was not limited to the Japanese market only, as Viz Media published a few political headlines in the American market, including Ufa Sanctuary, which sold little and little, making it one of the most rare releases at all, and the matter is not much different. With similarities. (Mr. Kaige Kawaguchi is the most famous mangaka for admirers of politics in the Western region, due to his adoption of a number of American political issues in his work).

In fact, it cannot be said about bad anime or it may not be, but the fact of the matter is that its composition simply does not match the desires. We have here an overwhelming majority of anime followers who do not find in a mundane position such as politics except boredom, so of course you will not see them wanting to cram what they are already moneyed from in a way that they have taken as a destination for entertainment. They are seen this way: heavy and broken events, dull, dry personalities and most importantly, unattractive, and their tongues tend to be so thick that their visual and auditory desires will not be satisfied. Just as it is the real-life Yakuza and Busuzoku (2) and military anime that does not entice the lion’s share of followers. So finding sponsors willing to risk their money in a venture that is clearly not going to work is nearly impossible.

Although the anime followers are made up of different ages, it is most likely that they are just young people in the first place. In fact, this is true to some extent, as a social study showed that most of the followers of anime in Japan and the United States of America are teenagers and young adults. Consequently, political issues are not a popular matter that would entertain these age groups, as they are usually drawn towards more extraneous issues (3). In addition, unless the sennin anime is adapted from manga at a high level of the prevailing trend (which is rare) it will not fare well even in Japan, and this is something that anime makers take for granted.

In fact, there are many political manga, most of which are similar and similar to the American series House of Cards, published in magazines that appear to be directed exclusively to the owners of suits, and they continue to be serialized for many years, as they appear to be Sennin saturated with worldly facts. In other words, it’s kind of clumsy. These manga are nothing but to satisfy specific demographic tastes, which are not the same demographic that desires to watch anime.

Political Anime

Political manga, as is also the case with the Japanese political media in general, tend to be completely non-offensive and very cautious of creating any hostility towards a party, although the ban on satire was lifted (1) after World War II, but it remains there. An unregistered decree stipulating that the status of politicians, especially those in high affairs, should not be affected. Political actors, individuals or groups are not simply defenseless targets, as is the case in the West and other regions.

Instead of being used in anime, political satire (1) tends to be told through a comic story based on the lightness of shadows like puns (4) and twisted characters rather than a mere political conversation in which a serious and desolate atmosphere prevails. Quotes and cartoons (whose purpose is more specific) that are either formulated directly by an individual action or that are stacked on the Internet are also preferred, regardless of what is printed in magazines.

Between a topic that does not meet the aspirations of traditional anime followers from here, and warned Japanese media companies against infringing on the political sphere from there, the entire arena is not prepared for political anime. Perhaps the only way through which we can see anime heading towards raw politics is through a cute and somewhat clumsy girl in a desperate attempt to enter the world of politics.

1- Satire: It is a type of literature in which an expression of discontent and disgust with a person is expressed by mentioning shortcomings, defects and vices. Simply put, it is the opposite of praise, and it is usually written as poetry. Its greater goal is constructive social criticism, using the joke as a weapon that draws attention to specific issues in society.

2- Bosuzuku or: literally means “out of control.” It is a name given to groups who ride loudly and act wildly motorcycles, and they often end up joining a yakuza gang.

3- Evasion: It is the evasion of facts in psychiatry and avoiding unpleasant life situations.

4- Torahiyyah: it is a pronouncement that carries two meanings, one of which is closer to the mind but not intended, and the second is distant as it is intended. The purpose may be to provoke the mind or to escape from legal accountability.


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