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Why is Manga Not Made in Color?

Josie asks:

I understand that manga is supposed to be a cheap product and that its magazines are printed on very cheap paper, so there would be no real use of color printing. But couldn’t publishers place color versions of tankoubon alongside the regular black and white versions? The die-hard otaku will do anything to obtain these copies.

Manga itself was and still is clad in black and white, the manga industry during the early days of its massive production was supposed to be just an affordable entertainment, at a time when color printing was considered completely unreasonable. In the post-war period, manga series were produced in weekly and monthly newsletters and printed cheaply on poor quality paper. Color printing in that era did not only witness a successful start.

However, today, color printing is not as expensive as it used to be (knowing that it is not cheaper than the black and white counterpart). Many people today read manga through screens that are usually color (except for electronic ink readers), so why not print manga in color as long as we have the capabilities at this age?

While many manga magazines carry some colored pages at the beginning of each chapter (usually as a special feature when the series is on the cover of whatever magazine it is featured in). These pages are designed by the mangaka and he puts a lot of time and effort into designing them. Manga draftsmen actually struggle to produce and finish work before the deadlines. Also coloring is an extra burden that most of them cannot handle regularly, and the burden is much less when working on normal production. Ask any illustrator, coloring their work is a side task that takes a lot of time and effort. Not only do they use for coloring the Fill Tool in Photoshop, but they often spend a lot of time drawing a crayon line to start with.

Manga animators are also known to be famous for their clinging to their work, so many of them hire assistants to help them write, inking, apply drawing techniques and shading on the screen, as well as all other tasks related to manga making, it is important that the work is delegated, discussed and closely supervised. Hiring more assistants to color the pages will not simply solve the problem. For illustrators who are usually happy to hand in their black and white pages on time, overseeing the production of colored copies of their work at the same time is itself a crazy suggestion, as the illustrators and readers are accustomed to black and white manga so it’s not worth the effort.

Manga Not Made in Color

However, this did not prevent the emergence of several attempts to color manga, from Akira’s drawings of Marvel to numerous digital and visual manga projects over the years. However, it never seems reasonable, the artwork is shaded and modified with the intention of seeing it in black and white, and the layers of color simply make everything appear very dark and dark, so the artistic effect loses its luster and the result in the end is disastrous, and many manga artists do not agree On this change in their work (usually the transition from color to white and black does not look very exciting, but it should be noted).

Manga is ultimately a mixture of black and white, which is a format that most animators and readers alike adore. This limitation is an essential and essential focus of manga and is one of the most important reasons why so many long-running stories have come to light in this world. And I am sure that with the passage of time there will be many colorful and stimulating episodic experiences. There will also be many other attempts that are not traditions of manga making.

But the pure nature of the manga lies in the holiness of black and white. I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.


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